The overall ministry is entrusted in the hands of a humble servant of the Lord who along with dedicated pastors of the branches work to build up the brethrens and edify the Name of Jesus. Find out about the overseer of the Latter-Rain Outpouring Ministry and the other Senior Pastors at the various branches


It was in 1983 at the home-calling of the then Pastor that the responsibility of leading the flock was entrusted to his care. It was not a desire of his to attain to such a position, but with the conviction of the Word in his heart, he acted on his faith and accepted the challenge.

Pastor Green pursued various studies in Christian Doctrine over the years to show himself approved unto God, a workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth. He has obtained a Certificate in Theology from the University of London and after graduating from the Latter-Rain Outpouring Revival Bible College, he was ordained in 1983 as the minister for the Peckham Branch.

He was soon to be appointed Deputy Overseer of the ministry by the Founder and Director, the Right Revd. Dr. Olive V. Parris PhD. DD. and helped in many areas to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bishop O.V. Parris was called home to be with the Lord in 2002 and Rev. Green assumed full responsibility for all the operations of The Latter-Rain Outpouring Revival Ministry.

The Lord has been good to him and has seen him worthy to be consecrated into the office of Bishop. On Saturday 25th October 2003, with over 42 Ordained Ministers in attendance, Rev. Creswell Green was set forth as Bishop of The Latter-Rain Outpouring Revival Ministries and The Joint Council of Anglo Caribbean Churches. He has served as Treasurer of the Joint Council of Anglo Caribbean Churches and has been elected as Chairman for sometime now.

Bishop Green married to First Lady Joycelyn Monica Green in 1994 and both are united in serving the Lord. The work of the Lord has taken him many times to places like the USA, Jamaica, Ghana, Nigeria, St. Vincent and Israel. With the dedicated members and officers, the work is progressing healthily for God’s glory. He has established another two branches of ministry and is faithfully following the Lord as he endeavors to reach out to the outcasts, the hurting, the downtrodden, the depressed and the unbelieving of society.

With all the activities that he is engaged in, Bishop Green still finds time to pursue in depth studies for 3 years and has gained his Master of Theology (MTh.) Degree from the North Carolina University and the South London Bible College in 2008 and a Doctor of Divinity Degree from The Missionary Chapel & Seminary in March 2013.

How to find us:

50 Copleston Road


SE15 4AD


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Nearest buses: P12, P13, 12, 37, 40, 78, 176, 185, 197, 343 & 484

Nearest train station: Denmark Hill or Peckham Rye


PASTOR @ Bethel: Rev. Howard

Rev Howard has been one of the foundation members of the ministry and is fully committed and dedicated to the work and service of God. For many years she has been preaching the undiluted Word of God with a continued vision of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, aiming to win souls for the Kingdom of God.

As the Senior Pastor at Bethel and Deputy Overseer of the Ministry, Rev Howard dynamically delivers a sermon with boldness and power every 1st and 4th Sunday along with the regular Bible study group she conducts every Thursday evenings. Every 1st Sunday she administers the Holy Communion and the service of dedication for babies.

The 3-days monthly prayer and fasting, the heart to heart gatherings with the young people who are being encouraged to be involved in the work of God are just some of the activities to which the Senior Pastor is committed. With such huge compassion she works with the community as she regularly visits the sick and disabled and those who are unable to attend the church and ministers their needs. Bethel’s annual crusade as seen many lives transformed for the Kingdom of God and the one week of meetings are so refreshing and rewarding. With the help and cooperation of the brethren at Bethel, Rev Howard has so much to offer to the flock as they are encouraged to live a Holy and Godly life.

How to find us:

242 Hoxton Street


N1 5LX


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Nearest buses: 67, 149, 242, 243 & 394

Nearest train station: Hoxton


N.O. Tutu was born in Ghana on 23rd October 1945 at a Mining Town called Konongo in the Ashanti-Akim District where his father worked as a Technician. Later, the family moved to the second capital of Ghana – Kumasi, to settle under the tutelage of his father’s uncle who was a prominent Chief in the Colonial era. He received his Primary education at a State Boys’ School and later entered “Government Polytechnic” where he studied Business Studies and obtained R.S.A Stage 1 & 2 in Commerce, Shorthand and Typing between 1962 and 1964.

Having completed his business education, he was employed as Secretary to the managing Director at Mattress House in Kumasi from 1964 to 1978. He became a Director within the company for 4 years before resigning to work on his own. He formed his own company “Kingsbro Trading Enterprise” dealing in ladies wears in 1978. The company collapsed as a result of the second military coup in Ghana when all the Traders in the Central Market were forced by the army to surrender all their garments to the army authorities in Kumasi in the early part of 1980.

As a result he decided to seek “green pastures” in Great Britain. He arrived in Scotland in the middle of 1981 and later moved to London as job opportunities in the North became scarce. In 1984 he was led to Christ by his present wife Sister Tutu after his first marriage broke down earlier in 1983. In 1987 our assistant Pastor had his Water Baptism at The Latter-Rain Outpouring Revival Ministry, having become active members at the Peckham Branch with his wife.

In 1986, he had an encounter with the Lord when he entered his bedroom one late afternoon. A voice clearly spoke to him saying “My Son, Go And Clean My Church House.” Having shared this experience with his wife, he then rang his Pastor (now Bishop) to tell him what was spoken to him. That same evening this matter was discussed by the membership in his absence without a positive conclusion. He has been obedient to the Lord’s call ever since, which has become a blessing not only to him but the rest of his family.

On the 15th October 1989 he was confirmed as an Elder and was set forth by the late Bishop O.V. Parris and then Pastor C.L. Green (now Bishop). Elder Tutu attended 3-year Bible Course at the South London Bible College between 1992 and 1995 which have enabled him to grow in the Word of God tremendously.
Having showed by his dedication and commitment to the work of the Lord with the faithfulness that he embraces, he was called to the office of Assistant Pastor working alongside Bishop Green at the Peckham branch (Bethany) of the ministry. He has two youngsters within the ministry whom the Lord is using mightily as they serve Him. Brother Kingsley is active as Assistant Youth Director and Sister Diane is a member of Peckham’s Praise & Worship team.

Rev Tutu has been Self-employed for the past 20 years as a Cleaning Contractor, trading as “N.O. Tutu Cleaning Services.”

PASTOR @ Harlesden: Pastor Hector

Pastor Hector is the senior pastor of the Harlesden branch of the ministry. Being dedicated and faithful members of the Bethany Branch in Peckham for many years, there was a long standing vision of a calling on Pastor Hectors’ life to work for the Lord in Harlesden ministering wholeness and hope to the various communities; hence the launch of “His Church in the Market Place” in 1999 in Harlesden.

As well as ministering the Life Changing Word, Pastor Hector (assisted by Elder Hector), aims to establish a centre where not only the elderly can go, but mothers with children and the youngsters will be encouraged to aim for excellence.

Pastor @ Streatham Rev Pearl Giscombe

A very committed and faithful servant of the Lord, Rev Pearl Giscombe, the Pastor of the Streatham Branch of the Latter-Rain Outpouring Revival Ministries, has been working for the Master for many years. She came to the United Kingdom in her early years and has been very vibrant in Christian activities.
Although actively engaged in secular employment, she devoted her life to knowing more about the Lord,as she got involved in various degrees of Biblical studies. She graduated from the Minister’s Training Institute (MTI) which was a reputable college convened at 50 Copleston Road, with a prestigious Diploma in Ministerial Christian Studies.
Rev Giscombe became a member of the Peckham Branch of the ministry in 1986 when that branch relocated from Fulham to present address. The call of the Lord was heavily on her to “Launch Out into the Deep”, and with obedience to the call of God, she started to labour in the vineyard in the Streatham, London neighbourhood.
She was ordained as a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in May 2013 and is faithfully serving the Lord and caring for the brethren she is called to ‘feed’.

Pastor @ Dulwich Rev Carlton Henry

The Rev. Carlton Henry is the minister of the Dulwich Branch (Bethesda) of the Latter-Rain Outpouring Revival Ministry and is a very zealous and inspiring servant of the Lord.
Having spent some of his youthful years in Jamaica, West Indies, he came to the United Kingdom where he has pursued various studies including the advancement in Christian ethics. He has spent much time of his formative years of studies with the Church of God Ministry, has obtained a Diploma in Theology which has assisted him in his calling to help equip the Body of Christ in its service for the Lord.
Rev Henry has a Divine call on his life from an early age, as he has experienced God’s hand upon his life many times and the protection he has received through God’s grace. Recently appointed to the Pastoral Office ofBethesda, he has faithful brethren working with him in the vineyard entrusted to his care with Minister Leroy Vassell as his assistant Pastor.
Rev Henry, who also gives his service as a Chaplain within the HM Prison Service of the United Kingdom is a sought after preacher, a mentor and motivational speaker who has been used in the Gospel Ministry in Jamaica, America and the UK. He presents the Word with clarity and integrity and he does not only speak the Word, but he lives it.
Married with a family, his precious wife shares with him in the work of the ministry for God’s glory.

Pastor @ Carshalton: Rev E. Barnes



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