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Pastor @ Streatham Rev Pearl Giscombe

A very committed and faithful servant of the Lord, Rev Pearl Giscombe, the Pastor of the Streatham Branch of the Latter-Rain Outpouring Revival Ministries, has been working for the Master for many years. She came to the United Kingdom in her early years and has been very vibrant in Christian activities.
Although actively engaged in secular employment, she devoted her life to knowing more about the Lord,as she got involved in various degrees of Biblical studies. She graduated from the Minister’s Training Institute (MTI) which was a reputable college convened at 50 Copleston Road, with a prestigious Diploma in Ministerial Christian Studies.
Rev Giscombe became a member of the Peckham Branch of the ministry in 1986 when that branch relocated from Fulham to present address. The call of the Lord was heavily on her to “Launch Out into the Deep”, and with obedience to the call of God, she started to labour in the vineyard in the Streatham, London neighbourhood.
She was ordained as a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in May 2013 and is faithfully serving the Lord and caring for the brethren she is called to ‘feed’.

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